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Sunday, March 19, 2006

i want you to touch me

traded in a lot of ps2 games today. it was a lot of stuff that i hadn't played in over a year. heck, 2 even in some cases. so, i'm shopping around. how to spend my $62 cred?! should i put it down on Lara's return in april. nah. then i saw it. the elusive "pre-played" special edition red case mario kart nintendo DS system with dual screen, 1 being touch-erific, mic, and wi-fi all in one nice little package. sans mario kart, but the price was right: less than a stock SP. the black hole of handheld gaming charms had me. it's all the sell out rage now with the hype otaku set in jp, so i all about it. hello samus. hello orange star army. hello belmont. hello jill valentine. it has been a while my friends. (and the boys are happy too.)

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