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Friday, March 03, 2006

drunko mobs are entertaining

12:19PM: i hear a mob forming on the front stoop. they're getting louder. is it zombies? louder still. they're chanting "wake up." OMG, WTF? no, 7 bunco drunkos just dropped by my house. hollerin' out. yeah! they've been partyin' since 7PM. they see me walk by the window in my boxers. holla at yer boy. yeah, they are hammered. ringing the doorbell crazy... cuz they see me in my orange boxers. i put on some jeans. they are here on a mission to "annoy me" they claim. i'm going to be entertained tonight my friends! hoping to wake me up? i let them in. they get the quickie tour. jen is crazy. crazy like a fox. she likes my "i see dead people" shirt. someone proclaims "see he's cool." another likes my hair?! rubbing, playing with it. where is my video camera, damn it. i get introduced: Amy, Laurie. 'sup Lisa. someone asks why i haven't taken a shower for them. i'm confused but wondering where this is headed. i see that the majority of the girls have salsa on their blouses. i just like saying "salsa on their blouses." (correction: it was wine.) my wife doesn't appear to be all that drunk. but damn she is hot tonight. this just in, jen likes ginger snaps. we all agree sangria girl's ginger snaps were the bomb tonight. wait, someone is saying the pool's not open for skinny dipping yet. dang. no, this was not a synopsis of a Fresh WB Tuesday tonight's episode of beauty and the geek. they rush out the door to leave & continue the mission to wake and annoy. all i have is a beer and a blog. chef ed, watch out. you're next on the hit list. nice. i love this 'hood. party on girls. kanye wes AKA thug love, holla @ cha boy. true.


Jenni (Philips) Rouse said...

I am glad our mission was successful! We seemed to have surprised a few in the hood! Men..beware..you may be next.

the Rab said...

yes you were. but how do you explain this young lady?

Jenni (Philips) Rouse said...

I was reparking that, I thought it was sticking out too far in the road.