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Monday, February 27, 2006

MI: iii

so my dear Laquicia isn't a MI fan it seems. but i am one of the faithful. i didn't watch the show. but i did like the complexity of the first movie and the fact it had a noir-ish narrative and many bit parts that were interesting, if campy. the second i love, just for the tight and fluid visuals created by Mr. John Woo. and then there Agent Hunt. Mr. Cruise. i like cruise in almost everything. he brings that dodgy intensity to every part and i dig it. now there's a new man at the helm. and it's got me super pumped. the man behind Felicity(sorry had to), ALIAS and Lost. now, i obviously am not a fan of Lost. i'm just not down with it. i'd frankly rather watch Felicity re-runs with my sister. but, ALIAS... that's an entirely different matter. i am an ALIAS fanatic. a student of rambaldi. a believer of the prophecy. big fan of syd. so with JJ directing MI-iii i've got big expectations. top Woo! and the villian also appears to be much more sinister than that bloke/chap/brat from last time.

watch the mi-iii superbowl spot.

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