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Monday, January 16, 2006

Underworld Evolution

this friday night....
big blazin' guns, hot vampire chicks, snarling lycan baddies, lots of snarling pointy teeth, glowing blue neon contact lenses, shiny latex, impossibly inappropriate corset wardrobes, dang dripping dungeons, stinky leather trenchcoats, endless secret war crusade, victorian castles in the middle of sprawling metropolis', kate beckinsale (hawt btw), pointless vicious double crosses, omnipresent nighttime & full moons, thumping techno deathrock, and that blue guy and some popcorn.Look! More sexy, latex-clad, gun-toting vampires in a world with only blue lightbulbs! i'm going to the premier screening this thursday night.

watch the trailer & a clip.

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