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Thursday, January 19, 2006

Top ten reasons why "Live" software stinks

and now for a dissenting opinion on the whole web2.0+ value proposition...

1) I like my computer/programs to run even when I am not connected to the internet.(usually on my laptop)
2) I dont want to pay a monthly service charge for using a program I have already bought.
3) Programs running locally will always be faster and more feature rich than a web based program.(Just look at Gmail vs Thunderbird)
4) I like my privacy, with the service computing model, its too easy for companies to invade my privacy.
5) Today, when you buy a program, you OWN it. With the service model, they can change the license agreement at will.
6) I dont want my computer to fail just because someone else is having a problem with their computers.
7) I dont want my software to lag because too many people are hitting the servers simultaneously.
8) Every time software is updated, there is the potential for something to go wrong. I will update when I WANT to update. Or in other words, "If it aint broke, dont fix it".
9) DRM benefits big business and does NOTHING for consumers except cause headaches.
10) Each program that wants outbound/inbound access is a potential security risk. Using Zonealarm, I refuse access except for programs that I trust that need it.(Such as Firefox, Thunderbird, anti-virus, etc) Have you ever wondered why Windows Media Player needs to make an outbound request each time you play a video/song??? Hmmmm....

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