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Tuesday, January 10, 2006

Live from Macworld

Jobs introduced iLife '06 'It's a giant new release. It's going to propel us even further ahead.'

Jobs said the new iPhoto is faster and can now handle up to 250,000 photos--10 times the prior limit. There are also more book printing options as well as the ability to order photo greeting cards and calendars.

The new iPhoto also has an option for automatic sharing of albums, which job called 'photocasting.' Albums can be selected and updated via Apple's .Mac service and be either widely available or password-protected.

'This is podcasting for photos,' Jobs said.

Jobs is now talking about updates to iMovie, another component of iLife '06. Among the new features are the ability to export projects to the iPod, video podcasting and the ability to have more than one project open at a time.

oh, and supa-fast intel macs. see it all in real time.

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