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Saturday, January 14, 2006

how far down does the rabbithole go?

apparently, really really... really far. and far far away. far out. dude, i knew the wachowskis were weird (in a good way) but this is a little much. no wonder he doesn't talk to press. i guess larry actually wanted to be alice in wonderland. interesting if a bit weird.

IMO, i think the editorial liberties this writer takes with the description and motives behind producing the film version of V for Vendetta are a bit off and cynical. V for Vendetta was written long before Bush jr. led our country in his own particular conservative fashion; it was penned in the early 80s. heck that's even before he was in charge of texas, perhaps and perhaps before he was "born again." it's scope is far greater, deeper and more ambitious than to poke at the current world scapegoat. hell, the author wrote it based on events and experiences from his homeland, Britain. but i digress.

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