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Friday, January 13, 2006

Full Moon Party for Underworld Evolution

greetings my friends & fellow creatures of the nights. what a dark way to start off the first Friday the 13th of '06. i'm puttin' on my black accessories & fangs and goin' clubbin' Saturday night. it's the Full Moon Party. your chance to get free tickets to the premier screening of Underworld Evolution to watch the next chronicle in the secret war saga between the lycan warriors and vampyr death dealers. look for pics on the 'ol moblog. i also hope to score some cool free swag. you can never have enough black t-shirts. maybe down some vamp. and blood. ok, maybe not, but i'll definitely be sportin' a black outfit, black mood, and furrowed brow. but so forlorn... my goth bride will be away in a far off land.

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