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Thursday, December 08, 2005

Ten Reasons To Drink During The Holidays

There are many reasons why alcoholic intake escalates during this season. Partly, this is due to the convivial air that pervades the run-up to the New Year. Companies throw office parties. Families come together over magnificent feasts. Old friends come to town. The streets are lit with festive lights and stores are filled with wonderful things to buy or eat.

But it is also due to the stress of the period, too. Office parties can cause anxiety. Families drive us crazy. Old friends lure us out to old haunts. Some of us have no family or friends at all. Those brightly lit shop windows act like a magnet on our wallets.

• You can tolerate your in-laws
• Beer goggles -- who said the holidays have to be lonely?
• Why eat your calories when you can drink them?
• You give the best gift...alcohol
• New Year's resolutions seem attainable when you're drunk
• You love everyone...and everyone loves you
• Be the funny guy at the party
• Drinking in winter means staying warm...or at least feeling like you are
• You bring spirit to the occasion, literally
• The holidays go by much quicker

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