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Thursday, December 01, 2005


Protect your children! This reminds me of a local news expose on the "dangers of your kid's ipods" that was run over the Thanksgiving weekend on the local news at my parent's house. my mother urges me to watch it to see what the "danger" was. for my own good.

it perported that turning your iPod up could put out sound at a volume of 115 dB! "That's roughly equal to the sound of this chainsaw" and then the reporter cranks up a buzzsaw for effect. then they went on to interview subject matter "experts", 2 local aural specialized doctors. one of them actually said "If you leave your walkman at this level for 2 hours or more, then you can have permanent hearing loss." ok, it appears as though this guy has been interviewed before. perhaps during the christmas gift buying season preceding 1985? or (stay w/ me) perhaps hearing loss can in fact be induced subconsciously by a teen's brain in a defensive response to hearing JLo's "let's get it loud" on their shuffle by surprise. what's that? someone's been screwing with my playlists again! dagnabit. their investigative trail did not alas lead down this entriguing path. but i digress.

come on, people. iPods don't kill hearing, ignorance and high volume kills hearing. is this actually news? must be a slow week.

alls i knows is, there are going to be some sad kids in W-S when they wake up on 12/25 to find no iPod under the tree after their Santa watched this "informative cautionary tale." indeed. maybe this will start a new 21-century Christmas story quote: "Ralphie, you'll put your ears out!"

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