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Wednesday, November 30, 2005

what's cooler than Google Local (AKA Google Maps)?

Google Local for mobile! i've been playing with this all day on my Moto v635. it is nothing short of frickin' awesome. it has the pan and zoom of Google Maps from your firefox browser, shrunk down into your data-enabled phone. get hooked up with an EDGE network like Cingular and you're on the road my friend. it even is slightly better than the browser version, IMHO, in that you can step through the directions from one point to another with 2 keys (1=reverse, 3=GO!) and it animates the map to your next turn or road change waypoint. this and you can pick address by typing them in or locking in a recticule cursor thingee manually. then it remembers these points in a history list. brilliant! check it out today!

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