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Wednesday, November 09, 2005

Mac takes bite out of Windows

Hardly a week goes by that I don't hear from a friend or colleague with a monumental Windows problem.

I tell them I'm glad to help, on one condition: Next time they buy a computer, they agree to consider a Macintosh....

When I made the switch, I thought I was a relative rarity. After all, we're constantly reminded of the Windows desktop monopoly and how little market share Apple has.

But what I found surprised me. A lot of techies I know, including some former Micro-softies, have switched. Among holdouts, I kept hearing their next computer would be a Mac.

"There's huge awareness among the general public about how much [Windows] PCs have been compromised," said Tony Bove, author of a new book, "Just Say No To Microsoft" (No Starch Press, $24.95). "My mother knows about it, and she's not even a computer user."

How much switching is going on? Commenting on Microsoft's recent quarterly earnings report, some analysts speculated the Redmond giant might be losing market share to Apple.

i switched over 4 years ago. my first mac was the "iLamp" G4. i still have it in my kitchen. it has never crashed. it's a little slower now but it is a perfect internet kiosk for the kitchen office. i recently upgraded to a dual G5 PowerMac. hoo-wah it rocks! i've never looked back.

you know what? just thought of this. i've never owned a win-doahs box! i've always had them loaned to me by school or "the enterprise" i write software for. it's like you have to lease them anyway. they're so unreliable and it is inevitable that it's going to just break down on you once and for all some sucky day. by either the inferior software or the subpar hardware.

and now it seems M$'s nebulous "Live" software strategy is just a little too late to the digital lifestyle dance. Apple, open source, linux, iPod, the internet at large, (and now web2.0) and all the free thinkers own this space. we inhabit it. we have defined it. we live it. too bad, it sad to see the big-name posers trying to talk the talk and stumble down the walk. smells a lot like 1995. and a little big thing called '95. and then '98. let's not fall for that again. M$ doesn't own the internet. we do. they're just a little too envious of google. it's so pathetic. if longhorn, or vista, or live or whatever was worth 2 cents, maybe it would be out here and people would be using it. testing it. building it. but no. it is the new 800-lb gorilla. and we shouldn't buy the tickets to that show. just say no.

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