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Thursday, October 27, 2005

Top 20 Favorite Costumes for Ladies

Something about Halloween makes even the most conservative girl feel a little wild. Maybe it's that the holidays are coming up and women subconciously feel the need to find a partner. Or maybe it's just that some gals will use any excuse to dress like a total slut. Either way, there seems to be a pattern in the type of Halloween costumes women favor, as you can see by this list, Top 20 Favorite Costumes for Ladies.*

20. sexy soldier

19. sexy cave girl

18. sexy mermaid

17. sexy flapper

16. sexy genie

15. sexy school teacher

14. sexy cowgirl

13. sexy cheerleader

12. sexy lifeguard

11. sexy pirate

10. sexy angel

9. sexy devil

8. sexy fairy

7. sexy bunny

6. sexy school girl

5. sexy maid

4. sexy witch

3. sexy nurse

2. sexy cop

1. sexy cat

i would add sexy goth for Burles, but that seems redundant...

*Single or Milfy applies

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