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Monday, October 24, 2005

Best. Batman. Ever.


"This is totally the way to go on this absolutely fantastic BATMAN movie! Extras forever. Plus a 72 page comic with the source material reprints that inspired the film. Including DETECTIVE 27, BATMAN: THE MAN WHO FALLS and a section of BATMAN: THE LONG HALLOWEEN! Add to that the film and all the extras and the SUPERMAN Trailer… just kidding, goddamn it though, why isn’t that on here. Wouldn’t that just be fcuking the bomb! So unfair. Heh. Ok ok, I can live without it, I know we get it on HARRY POTTER, but dammit, I want it now!"

plus i don't even freaking read or for that matter watch that crap about muggles and whatnot. oh well. there's always bluetights.net

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