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Friday, September 16, 2005

you say this is a resolution?!

so a remote control is revolutionary? i expect the inventor of the remote control to be rolling over in his/her respective grave. at the least the PS2 DVD remote had this idea covered years ago. a screenless iPod-knock-off with a gyroscope is revolutionary? come on! do you have to copy Apple to appear to be cool? no, this isn't going to work. M$ already has the "copying Apple" domain locked; ever since the advent of the mouse and even now with the 360. an analog joystick/nunchuck controlling mechanism is revolutionary? i believe this nintendo thing was for kids after all. i don't know that my 5-year old can center his chi enough to master the art of the nunchuck controller. i don't know. maybe i just don't see it. judge it for yourself. i do know, everytime some technology is declared revolutionary by it's maker, the idea is usually copied, halfbaked, or just fancy marketing to appear hip and/or cutting edge. time will tell because only the user can determine when a technology is revolutionary.

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