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Thursday, September 29, 2005

Vartan, HO!

looks like they offed him after all... deader than dead, i would think. i thought he was probably dead after the SUV T-bone at 60 MPH or maybe when the 2 dozen or so SMG rounds were pumped point-blank into his chest; but no, they had to have the "dramatic hospital room gut-renching goodbye scene" complete with Sarah McLachlan music... at least they got to name the baby. Isabelle Bristow Vaughn. here's to you baby Isabelle. your daddy was one heck of a secret agent man and sometime hockey player. i guess the fan campaign was for naught. alls i know is, some producer/writer/leading actress must've been PO'd at 'ol Vartan, cuz he was whacked gansta execution style.

and there are most definitely loads of vartan ho's crying themselves to sleep tonight all over the world. that's if they still watch after season 4. dang, no i didn't. and what the heck, do we really need to have a new and mysterious prophesy to explain anything important happening? did anyone catch the 47 ref for the evening?

p.s. oh and another thing: Lost sucks. all you Lost fanatics are whack. get a real show with a real plot. or at least something interesting that happens from time to time. being lost on an island is done. it was made classic by Gilligan and The Capt. and it was finally played out when the naked homosexual and the trucker threw down over 1 mil large. spooky noises in the woods, odd french ladies, and mysteriously deep but pointless 70's era bomb shelters do not interesting television make. dang, i promised myself i wouldn't go all "yoda-rant" on this, but now i'm all emotional, what with the Vaughn drive-by and Syd being preggers. so i'm going to officially NOT watch Lost in protest of Vaughn's death. well, not really, since i was already on the "Hatin' Lost" bandwagon. perhaps i created it, since everyone from my carpool to the frickin' morning radio jocks on no less than 3 channels profess their unmitigate facination and adoration for this bad show. plus, i actually commend 'ol J.J. for having the cohonez to actually change it up a little and reinvent the show. that's what keeps ALIAS k-rad and so 1337 while Lost is so flick't. it's people on an island. who have supposed met before. and can't remember where or why? to me, the mystery of that is like watching paint dry. but i digress. it's been a long night. peace, i'm out.

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