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Thursday, September 15, 2005

Serenity now!!

They aim to misbehave.

love the tune. gets the juices flowing. "ah eh ah eeh ah! i'll telling you i want to." i like the ships tossing to and 'fro. they have a gritty weight to them. like hovercrafts in space.browncoats unite. i watched the original couple of eps on SCI-FI to see what the fuss is about. good stuff. nice wit in the dialog. sarcasm used as cowboy weaponry. plus, i'll admit it. i'm a recovering member of the scooby-gang and stalked buffy and chilled with angelus for the whole run. so, my boy Joss has some serious pull/cred in my opinion. he even writes one of my fav x-titles now. i'll have to check this one out.

watch the trailer for Serenity.

then you can watch the first 9 minutes for free. sweet.

(grrr, argh.)

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