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Tuesday, September 06, 2005

New iTrip hits the road

There's a new iTrip from Griffin, as blogged by C|Net and reviewed by iLounge (formerly iPodLounge... what gives? iPod isn't a cool name anymore? aren't they just setting themselves up to be sued when Apple actually designs and markets an iLounge chair with clear beveled edges and water-proof iPod connectivity? perhaps that's their plan: to be bought out.... but i digress.) it looks to have improved upon the already winning design from Griffin. i have one of the originals; and the design and interface are spot-on; generally i think Griffin makes the best iPods accessories out there... but why can't we get an iTrip that snaps onto the bottom of the iPod and uses the clear stereo quality power of the line-out connection? huh? huh? snap, crackle, pop... it's not that the hiss is so bad on most of my pre-sets. it's that you have to jack the volume all the way up to 90% and it's still too low. i'm waiting to be impressed.

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