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Thursday, September 29, 2005

It’s a girl for Bennifer 2.0

Luckily for Jen, a sense of humor has served her well, especially since her pregnancy has indeed been written into her hit show. Her character, superspy Sydney Bristow, discovers that she's pregnant with fellow agent Michael Vaughn's (played by Michael Vartan) baby.

“My stand-in has a bump, and my stunt double has a bump,” she revealed. “The other day, I walked in, and my stunt double looked a little different to me and I said, ‘Did they graduate your bump?’ ... And she said, ‘Yeah, we went to a bigger bump.’”

Always the trooper, even though Jen is just months away from delivering her baby, she's hard at work back on the set of “Alias” for a fifth season.

via Access Hollywood

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