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Friday, September 09, 2005

FemTrooping @ D*Con '05

i never knew Darth had ho's?! i stumbled upon some secret micro-film (yeah yeah, no "many bothan spies died..." jokes please you gnerds) containing plans the death star 3 but more importantly it contained some impromptu shots from Darth's backstage greenroom. it's of course VIP access only and guarded by a little known secret section of the clone trooper marine unit. Darth knows how to party better than Hef. i guess when you're a Dark Lord of the Sith, all brooding and forlorn; like any misunderstood sci-fi goth kid with a black shirt and self-image/guilt issues - you're going to pull majorly weird groupies. maybe hooking up was part of Anakin's dark decent into the dark side, what with getting over Padme's death and losing the twins and all. man, i could write a whole book on this crazy stuff... oh wait, i bet someone already did. good lordy, i can't wait to go to D*C next year!!! to be with "my people" as she says. i'm out, oh, and May the schwartz be with you!

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