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Thursday, September 29, 2005

ALIAS returns tonight

Random Rambaldi rumors from around the internets...

So many questions from last season...Who IS Michael Vaughn? What did Irina know about him? Will Vaughn live? Is Syndey really preggers?

I hear there's some big internet campaign by Alias fans to keep him written in.

And Nadia, in the season ender, was reanimated with that "we can't cure this random sickness with the red eyes and zombie behavior, and oh, yeah, you got shot" induced coma.

Balthazar Getty will play Thomas Grace, a new agent on the APO team who brings experience with deep-cover missions for other parts of the CIA.

French actress Elodie Bouchez will play Renee Rienne, an international criminal who has secretly been aiding Vaughn for several years.

Rachel Nichols ("The Inside") set to play a CIA analyst who works with Sydney.

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