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Thursday, September 29, 2005

ALIAS returns, pregnant with possibilities

Sydney Bristow is one of TV's sexiest spies. She wears miniskirts, kicks high and punches hard. But now, Jennifer Garner, who plays the secret agent on ABC's ALIAS, is expecting a baby with her husband, Ben Affleck. So tonight, as ALIAS kicks off a fifth season (8 ET/PT), Bristow goes from sexy spy to sexy pregnant spy.

Ads are bracing viewers for the idea, showing Sydney hearing a baby's wail. But will an adventure series based on a globe-trotting Bond-ette work with a Spy Mom-to-be star instead?

"I think women who are pregnant are very sexy," says ALIAS executive producer Jeff Pinkner. Besides, he promises, "there will be no shortage of miniskirts this year."

via usatoday.com

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