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Monday, August 29, 2005

travelog from ZH -- part 2

i traveled to zurich, switzerland 30 days ago. many observations are clear, some details may be fuzzy. read on. enjoy. very hard to find deodorant. water is very clean - public drinking and cleansing from fountains suggested and encouraged. 24-hr. bahn pass is 7,60 CHF. 80 CHF penalty for hopping the tram, we saw a gentleman get busted. A/C is weak. CS is one of the only business office complexes w/ A/C in ZH. "takeaways" and "cafes" are every 30M generally speaking. "take a kaffee w/ kreame and zucar." metro style consists of strappy tops, sandals, big sunglasses, tight shirts & jeans. cars, buses, even taxis wait/stop for pedestrians. COOP is the walmart of CH. Lion's Monument is in honor of the suisse mercenaries. they are the only "recognized" *natch* foreign mercenary force abroad w/ 130 formal guards in the Vatican today. CH is world's oldest democracy. it is a group of independent confederates. states meet in town squares to conduct community business. CH was formed in 1848 with a draft constitution. "cross" represented allegiance amoungst merc comrades in the field. red flag of Julius II. the two were combined to form modern CH flag. impossible to find anti-perspirant. William Tell is a national hero/fable. his likeness is pressed on the 5 CHF coin. story believed to be adapted by monks to resemble other patriotic heroes of europe at the time, some 300 years afer the time of William Tell. there is no record of his actual existance. heidi hachel is a good tour guide from the city of Luzern. you should stay at the Hotel of Three Kings @ 75 CHF/nt. or a B&B in the countryside for 50-60 CHF/nt. 7/28 was the hottest day of the year @ 33 deg C. Mt. Pilatus is 2132 M / 7000 ft. at the peak. stay at the Friends of Nature lodge. enjoy a toboggan ride with the kids. dragons were sighted in 1421. believed to be magic. found a stone, believed to be a dragon's scale. it is called the blood stone and believed to have healing powers. it is on display at the Luzern Transport & Communication Museum along with trains, etc. we took a cogwheel train and steam boat on our tour. the hippest bars, restuarants, and stores all use 1 word names usually an American noun or verb. metro dress is required in ZH despite any temp. many metro commuters have iPods. 2 gin & tonics at the Bonnie Price Pub in Old Town will cost you 29 CHF. 1 dL wine = 3-7 CHF. 5 dL bier = 4,50-6 CHF. 3.3 dL soda = 5 CHF. "rosti" is swiss fried potato cakes. Bahnhofstrasse is the exclusive=expensive shopping avenue. adidas are the look for active sporty people. visit Mt. Titlus for large ice glaciers. i need a speedier cam cellie w/ higher rez ASAP. general metro transport: bicycles, motorbikes, smartcars, beemers, VWs, minis, scooters, public trams, taxi, feet. i met 2 completely different people who had never learned to drive. heidi & graham: my hats off to you. kaffee is required at least 4-5 times a day. everywhere serves kaffee. wifi is available everywhere.

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