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Thursday, August 11, 2005

life's a party. crash it.

we went to see wedding crashers tonight (finally). good lordly, it is funny. it is frickin' hilarious. we've all been waiting for a comedy to enter the realm of 'old school' funny, and i think we've found it. don't get me wrong. you're my boy blue. you're still the champ, old school. but vince vaughn in wedding crashers, OMFG. you're the man, vince.

vince + any wilson brother + a dash of farrell + steady dose of walken = comedic gold.

the chazz cameo was a nice touch. and rachel mcadams is cute/hot/it. she's like a younger spunky jennifer garner, without suffering from an afflection-inducing preggers sabbatical. but there is actually 2 degrees of separation from the star of alias with the presense of mr. cooper AKA will tippin. he was very good as the butthead/bully and isla fisher is straight up loco. crazy funny. she's got the psycho grrl thing down. she looks nothing like normal in this movie. it's like she's possessed. owen wilson, what can i say? it's owen wilson. he's funny/goofy/charming and funny. christoper walken is classic christoper walken. deadpan delight.

so go. go now to see this movie. and check out the site for a cool photo manip thing in the 'crasher kit.' it's pretty cool.

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