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Wednesday, August 24, 2005

Google Talk

google released a beta called gtalk today. (hey, aren't all gthings a beta? WUWT?) it's cheap AKA free. and
allows you to call or send instant messages to your friends for free - anytime, anywhere in the world.
ok that aside, it apparently doesn't have smilies... come on. Aim had smilies back in the nineties. it does integrate with gmail (this is your user id) and presumably will allow you to search your chats + calls and will have all the wonks in a tizzy about privacy concerns once again. but you know what? google is about searching. that's what they do. it's their thing as it were. they make gthings cool like apple makes iThings cool. when is everybody going to accept that is google's bag baby?! anygoog, that leads into this, if you're on a mac, you'll have to use Adium or iChat or the like to use gtalk. what's up? first picasa and hello are windows only. now gtalk? well, i guess gthings and iThings shouldn't compete. they're all cool and efficient in their own rights.

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