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Tuesday, August 16, 2005

3 words

the only thing cooler than cool? flash mobs? no, flash mobs are passé, but wait - Zombie Flash Mobs?! trés cool! this one happens at the end of july in san francisco. and we all know what zombies do? go to malls! this zombie mob ended up overrunning the SF Apple store; and then the subway. how funny is that? awesome! there is even video.

come on people. now, we need a good pirate or ninja flash mob. i guess the ninja flash mob idea wouldn't work. because ninja are invisible and flash mobs are meant to be seen. and maybe not pirates either. a pirates purpose is to steal, maim, ravage, plunder, etc. etc. flash mobs just want to make a statement and leave. ok, i guess we'll just stick with non-violent zombies. zombies always seem to come in mobs anyway so it fits.

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