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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Podcast Nation

i joined the ranks of podcasters last week. well,
actually, i joined the audience. but this thing is
getting big and i wanted to check it out being the
uber-geek that i am. so i upgraded to the latest
version of iTunes and away i went. i now use my iTrip
to listen in the car. i don't mind the lo-fi sound and
freq pop and hiss since most podcasts sound like they
were recorded in someone's basement with a pair of
tin-cans and a tape recorder. it's pretty cool. now, i
can listen to many news reports that aren't on the FM
or AM dial in my neck of the woods. the crappy state
of local radio was one of the reasons i rationalized
the purchase of the iPod in the first place. well
actually it was a gift and i wanted it b/c i'm a
gnerd. and the only thing better than gadgets are free
gadgets. anyway, podcasts are cool. you should check
them out. mainly i've just been lurking around the iTMS directory and NPR, but i am also going to browse Adam Curry's site, podcastdirectory.com and public radio fan

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