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Monday, November 07, 2016

Top Stories from IBM World of Watson

Here is a list of the social media stories I covered at World of Watson 2016

Friday, January 30, 2015

dev@InterConnect Developer Event Preview Hangout

Katie Linendoll and I got together this week to talk about the excellent agenda planned for the upcoming developer / builder / hacker / coder / entrepreneur / techie event in Las Vegas at the MGM Grand Convention Center in February. Check out the info and hope you can join Katie Linendoll, Catherine Bracy, Jonathan Bryce, James Governor, Ricky Robinett, Donnie Berkholz, Norman Barker, Grady Booch, Jennifer Fawcett, Joshua Carr, Francie Tanner, Angel Diaz, Florian Georg, Ryan J. Baxter, Louis Richardson, Chris Heuer, Sandy Carter, Dion Hinchcliffe, Felicia Haggarty, me and so many more at dev@InterConnect 2015. It's a whole new way to build.

Thursday, January 22, 2015

Helix Podcast Live Fan Cast January

Here is the Helix Podcast Live Fan Cast replay on Google Hangsouts on Air Live. Lots of fun. Stay tuned for next one!

Thursday, January 15, 2015

13 ways to prepare for 13 new days of Helix

"Play God. Pay the price?" The Helix Podcast invites you to press play and relive the days. The ooey gooey gory good days of Helix. Tim and I put together this list of 13 ways to prepare for 13 new days of Helix. Season 2 starts Friday January 16th on Syfy.
  1. It was one of the hottest Helix fan questions on Twitter in 2014. Is Hatake coming back? We found Hatake. J/K.
  2. Two season 2 interviews! Listen to the latest Helix podcast cast interview featuring series star Neil Napier. Read the geeky interview with executive produce Steven Maeda and Neil Napier over on Mary the Geek's blog.
  3. Start watching season 1 right now. You can do it. You definitely have 13 hours to spare before the premiere. You may have to call in sick to work. Tune into the Helix season 1 marathon on Syfy tonight and tomorrow or tune into Netflix to binge out on the black goo goodness. Hydrate like Hatake. Yaaaaassss.
  4. WTH? What the Helix? Watch the 5 minute Syfy recap of Season 1 on YouTube.
  5. Laugh and cry and nerd out with the seriously silly Helix fan panel from Dragon Con 2014.
  6. Lettuce ask you a question. What is that Yellow stuff? Maybe Narvik C, as in, see it grow up your body and take over your brain? Forget Orange. Yellow is the new Black. Tell us what you think about the Yellow goo stuff! Tweet your ideas and science-ish talk with hashtag #WhatTheHelix
  7. Wondering about that creepy cool Helix score and the super cool music? Check out Helix composer Reinhold Heil's sexy new website.  
  8. No, really, we found Hatake! Seriously. Watch the latest Helix trailer "Harvest
  9. Explore trippy explorations of Helix with our friend Stephen Sumner on the Optimal Human Modulation blog. Follow @OpHuMod on twitter for a consistently fantastic constant iv drip of Helix pontifications.
  10. Subscribe to the Helix Podcast on iTunes. We talk about each new day of Helix, each episode, every week.
  11. It's almost time. Get your twitter apps ready. Charge your tablet and/or smart phone. Do some thumb exercises. Play along with show runner @SteveMaeda and @NeilNapier as they live tweet the season 2 premiere. Be sure to follow @Helix. We'll also be tweeting our reactions and crazy commentary during the Day 1 broadcast live - follow @HelixPodcast.
  12. Keep calm and Helix is almost on. Countdown the seconds to the Season 2 premiere at 10pm on January 16. 
  13. Bonus: Join friends of Helix Podcast for a live "fan cast" Wednesday night January 21st at 9PM Eastern. Join in and play along with a geeky team of Helix super fans. Tune in at 

Do you know the way to San Jose? 

Friday, November 07, 2014

Top Stories from IBM Insight 2014

Here we are at the last major global conference of the year for IBM. Information On Demand has a new name this year. Insight is the succinct event name that aptly describes a renewed focus on finding insights across the disciplines of business intelligence, content management and information management. The business imperative to make sense of big data generated by people, places and things using right-time analytics is the reason for this year's mantra: seize the moment. The conference was held at the Mandalay Bay convention and event center in Las Vegas, Nevada. 

My continued focus is on developers; the builders, the makers, the inventors, the problem solvers. I am fascinated by how innovative solutions have matured this year tapping into cloud APIs, mobile apps and Internet of Things. There is a shift underway and a strong foundation is being built by IBM, Intel and hungry tech partners. Standards, security, management, tools (and the right partners) are key to finding success in the new cognitive computing era. Data Scientist @JakePorway said during the event, 
"So you think you have big data now? How quaint. Wait until you see Internet of Things data!" 
Let's take a look at the key stories, conversations and moments from IBM Insight 2014 shared on social media last week.

  • dev@Insight - the new developer program held at Insight for the first time. A plethora of awesome and informative activities spanned Ignite talks, luminary keynotes, hands-on labs, expert office hours, interactive demos, Storm Troopers, games, Cloudant, networking, programmer pub trivia, BBQ, Bluemix, baseball and beer! 
  • Internet of Things - an updated look at what is happening now in this incredible space! "It's about analytics." (also, see more Internet of things coverage)
  • IBM Insight from my POV via twitter, instagram, tumblr and vine. I explore general sessions, dev@ and the fast pace of IBM events. This is @theRab's brain bottled up in list format!
  • Daily Insight - browse curated news and views on our new events tumblr!
  • Social beat and InsightGO - Social savvy influencers and data nerds share their thoughts and perspectives live from the event. Drop in for the photos, stay for the blog posts!
  • Tim Allen from Intel gives his take on analytics and Internet of Things!
  • #IBMandTwitter - the "one more thing" at Insight; a big partnership announcement between IBM and Twitter to offer business analytics about what customers want/need/talk about!
  • dashDB - a quick take about the new, fast data warehousing solution in the cloud!
  • Insight Expo - take a spin around the booths and demos! 
  • No Doubt performed a special concert to rock the tech set. I was lucky to be front row center and the show was awesome! 
  • Video Replays - browse the general session, keynote and interviews by Veronica Belmont on InsightGO!
  • Staff Photography - check out the comprehensive coverage of the conference by Bill Virun and team!
Now, I ask you: What could you build with insights into all that data? What would you build with IBM Watson's cognitive brain power? What should you do with knowledge of what people think/say/do on Twitter? What are you waiting for? 

Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Dragon Con 2014 Preview Podcast